Announcing S4S: Safe for Subnets hosted by Ash

Announcing S4S: Safe for Subnets hosted by Ash

We are happy to announce the launch of S4S (Safe for Subnets), a shared infrastructure aimed at bringing all the features of Safe (prev. Gnosis Safe) to the Avalanche Subnets ecosystem. All S4S infrastructure is operated by the Ash team and subsidized by the Avalanche Foundation.

S4S Testnet is available at For now, only the Avalanche Fuji C-Chain and Kimbonet Testnet are indexed (see below how to get your test Subnet indexed).

S4S Landing page

How does it work?

Safe (previously known as Gnosis Safe) is a suite of solutions for account abstraction on EVM including:

  • Safe{Core}: an open-source framework to make smart accounts secure, portable, and composable

  • Safe{Wallet}: a user web application self-custodial smart wallet allowing for multi-sig, account ownership, and in-wallet dApp browsing

This schema is from the safe-infrastructure repository.

What does S4S provide?

For Subnet teams

Subnet developers need the features provided by Safe: account abstraction, multisig wallets, etc. for both their own needs and their users’.

Having a managed Safe infrastructure for Subnets will make things easier for Subnet developers as they will not have to reinvent the wheel and manage the wallet application themselves.

With S4S, we will take care of running a safe-transaction-service instance per Subnet, a critical piece of the Safe infrastructure.

Note: we are using Kubernetes and Helm charts to deploy to run Safe services.

For Subnet users

Proposing Safe features to its users will add value to a Subnet whether by easing non-Web3-native users through account abstraction or increasing wallet security through multisig transaction signing.

S4S makes it easy to interact with Safe contracts by hosting a Safe{Wallet} instance ( plugged into the Safe backend that we will host for every Subnet.

The S4S Wallet web interface is a fork of the safe-wallet-web repo with light customization.

How do I make my Subnet available on S4S?

If you are running an Avalanche Subnet and want Safe deployed and indexed on S4S (we can also run private instances if needed), reach out on X or fill out this form:

S4S (Safe for Subnets) Integration Request

Integration is free as the S4S initiative is subsidized by the Avalanche Foundation.

About Ash

Ash provides Appchain builders with various infrastructure services through SaaS products, professional services, and decentralized protocols. We assist teams from the development phase to mainnet deployment and beyond, helping secure and decentralize sovereign networks.

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