Launching Kimbonet Testnet phase

Launching Kimbonet Testnet phase

Kimbonet Testnet

The Ash team is happy to announce that the Kimbonet testnet is now live!

Here is everything you need to know about Kimbonet Testnet:

How does it work?

Kimbonet is an EVM blockchain running as an AvalancheSubnet on Fuji (Avalanche’s test network).

As a Subnet EVM blockchain, Kimbonet is running the Ethereum Virtual Machine, making it compatible with any Solidity smart contracts!

Kimbonet is leveraging Avalanche Warp Messaging (AWM) and Teleporter to enable trustless cross-chain messages between Avalanche C-Chain and Kimbonet through the Ash Bridge.

How to bridge from C-Chain to Kimbonet?

With the Ash bridge, transferring $KIMBO ERC-20 from the C-Chain for $KIMBO native token on Kimbonet is fast and seamless.

We have created a Fuji version of the C-Chain $KIMBO token (contract address 0xadEfc0e412CCE6f26Ed5c1bc0a6Ef662167ee10A) and airdropped the top 3333 holders of $KIMBO on the mainnet. These lucky users can be the first to bridge $KIMBO from C-Chain to Kimbonet!

If you have not been airdropped and want to grab some $KIMBO to try out the bridge and/or start building on Kimbonet Testnet, check out the next section!

How to get involved?

The Kimbo Community will organize a hackathon with a 30,000,000 $KIMBO (~$25,000) prize pool.

If you want to participate, join the Kimbonet Builders Discord so you can get airdropped $KIMBO testnet tokens to bridge to Kimbonet and start building.

Watch out for the official @KimboAvax X account for the hackathon announcement!